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Top 10 Cruise lines and cruise activities for the whole family

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A cruise holiday is a great way to bring the whole family together for special experiences and loads of fun. Bring the children and invite the cousins, aunts, uncles, grans and grandpas, because a cruise holiday was meant for everyone to share together.

1. Special programs for families

Many cruise ships offer age specific programmes and activities, as well as activities that the whole family can enjoy together. Your teen, tween or toddler will have an amazing time with children their own age while under supervision from qualified counsellors. With games, video games, movie nights, bowling alleys, aqua parks and more. You can be sure that your children will be well taken care of and will make new friends from their own age group. Certain cruise lines also allow the children to join the adults in various activities like dancing, karaoke, charades and more.

2. Shows on cruise ships

Cruise ships offer fantastic live shows for young and old, especially if it is a family themed cruise or a cruise ship designed specifically for families. Gather the whole family together and enjoy a matinee show, or enjoy a fairy tale or Disneyland favourite, which is sure to be enjoyed by everyone. Many of the shows would be good enough for Broadway and many are suitable for all ages.

3. Waterparks and pools

If waterparks and swimming pools are your thing, there are a wide range of cruise ships which offer amazing waterparks, many of which would rival any waterpark on land. What is better than spending time with the family around the pool as you are waited on with delicious meals and drinks?

4. Roller-skating and ice-skating

Cruise lines have really made every effort to ensure that there are more than enough facilities and fun activities for their guests. From video game arcades, roller-skating, bumper cars and ice rinks and so much more, the whole family can get involved with hours of fun together.

5. Bowling and climbing-walls

What better family activity could there be, than smashing a few pins at the bowling alley? A simple, yet fun game that is very social and easily enjoyed by people of all ages. Or, maybe you would rather cheer your kids on from the bottom of a climbing wall. Although, the higher they get, the sweatier your palms will become, it’s ok, because they’re having the time of their life and that’s what a family cruise is all about.

6. Child friendly restaurants on board cruise ships

Certain cruise lines offer specific dining areas for children, as well as dining times in the main dining halls where children are able to dine with the adults. These facilities vary from ship to ship, but make it a lot more child friendly and in turn enhance the family experience on-board.

7. Sports facilities

With basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools and so much more, the whole family is able to play together and work up a sweat while spending quality time with each other.

Some Cruise lines are way ahead of the others when offering family and especially, child specific cruises. With Disney Cruise lines, Royal Caribbean’s DreamWorks and Norwegian Cruise Lines Nickelodeon experiences, it doesn’t get much better than this.

8. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean are among the top family cruise lines in the world, offering family oriented cruise programmes where the kids get to join the adults for cooking classes, dancing, karaoke, outdoor movies and sports tournaments. Although these are controlled and do not occur all of the time, special plans are made for families to enjoy most activities together.

Many Royal Caribbean cruise ships also offer exciting DreamWorks experiences for the family where you can meet characters from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar. Enjoy the shows, parades, meet-and-greets and more.

9. Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines are famous for their Freestyle Cruising, which offers a very relaxed atmosphere and opens up the opportunities for a number of family programs. Norwegian Cruise Lines offer exciting shows and family parties where you’ll find mom teaching her five year old son to dance, and Dad teaching his 10 year old daughter how a true gentleman behaves on the dance floor.

Not only does Norwegian offer a Nickelodeon at Sea Program, but they also offer pizza making classes, charades, cupcake decorating, and family movie nights. The kids (and maybe some parents), will love meeting SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron and Dora.

10. Disney Cruise Lines

How could you go wrong with a family cruise on-board Disney Cruise Lines? By introducing the Disney antics and themes into the cruising world, they have revolutionised family cruising and introduced a fully-fledged family range of cruise holidays. You will love the themed deck parties, fireworks, stunt performers, choreography and the Broadway quality shows where Aladdin and Toy Story are performed on stage, much to the delight of the whole audience.

Other activities include animation classes, magic lessons, character themed breakfasts and Disney’s own private island, Castaway Cay will all make for an exciting family holiday!

From entertaining shows to waterparks and pools, themed activities to ice skating and more, a cruise holiday definitely has something for everyone. Speak to your Cruises International Consultant today to find out more about which cruise and cruise line will suit your family the best!