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Scandinavia Northern Lights

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Scandinavian countries generally consist of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but sometimes include Finland as well. The land of the midnight sun experiences an exciting and fascinating natural phenomenon. Not only do certain parts of the countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland experience a full 24 hours of sunlight, but they are ideal places to see the breath-taking Northern Lights during the darker winter periods as well.

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, which occurs all the time, however, it is only visible during the winter months due to the longer nights around the Arctic Circle. Particles are discharged by the sun and carried by solar winds, which then collide with gaseous particles in the earth’s atmosphere. The result is a mesmerising light show of extravagant natural proportions called the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are a spectacle to behold, and one which will be remembered by its audience forever.

Northern Lights in the Scandinavian countries

As with any natural phenomenon, you can’t always predict exactly when and where they will occur, however it’s possible to judge when and where they will most likely occur. History has proven that the Scandinavian countries do offer very good chances of seeing the celestial phenomenon, especially from September to March each year.

It is said that northern Norway offers some of the best possibilities due to its location to the Arctic Circle. What could be more spectacular that cruising the exquisite Norwegian Fjords and ending the day with a sighting of the brightly colourful Northern Lights?

The best possibilities of spotting the Northern Lights in Sweden are in the Swedish Lapland area, which is located in the northern most part of its borders. Characterised by glaciers, mountains, forests and lakes, Sweden’s Lapland is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and made even more attractive with the prospect of seeing the breath-taking Northern Lights.

Denmark may be a little too far south for a sighting of the Northern Lights, however, the Faroe Islands which is the most northern part of Denmark is far enough north to exhibit a spectacular show.

Cruise Lines

The majority of cruise routes which offer a Northern Lights sighting will travel to the Northern most part of Norway, however, as mentioned, it’s possible to view the Aurora from other Scandinavian destinations as well.

The best chances of experiencing the Northern lights are during the months of September to March each year. Royal Carribean, Crystal Cruises, Azamara, Oceania Cruises, and a few other cruise lines offer itineraries to the Scandinavian cruise destinations. Make sure you book a winter cruise if your sole purpose is to view this extravagant natural light show.

These Scandinavian countries offer visitors spectacular beauty with Fjords, mountains, crisp clean air and of course the renowned Northern Lights. What better way to enjoy all of these attractions than from the comfort of your cruise ship? Speak to your Cruises International consultant today to find out more details about your best chances to see this natural phenomenon, and to book your Northern Lights Cruise.