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The on-board life of a Cruise Director

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

You could say that a Cruise Director is the one who holds it altogether, not the ship or the travel arrangements, but pretty much everything else! They’re the face of the cruise company and the one who is in charge of the guests’ comfort, entertainment, and the ship events, which make a cruise holiday extra special. They even have a hand in passenger safety by running safety drills and briefings. The life of a cruise director is non-stop concentration, beautiful destinations, and meeting people day in and day out.

What does a cruise director do

There is a Cruise Director for every cruise ship. They’re high ranking, or senior officers who are in charge of hospitality, social events and entertainment. They are seen as the face of the company and are supported by assistants and entertainment staff.

Why they love their job

Possibly one of the most important characteristics of a Cruise Director is that they must be a people’s person, they must love to travel, and they must be prepared to forgo the idea of a ‘normal’ life as we know it. A cruise Director is an exciting position which is all about looking after people, and ensuring they have the time of their lives. They get to travel the world, take on new challenges every day and meet new people from around the world on a regular basis.

What it takes to be a good Cruise Director

A Cruise Director needs to have a good, solid grasp of various administrative responsibilities, including managing the staff from entertainers to technical teams, and production teams to cruise staff. It’s important that a Cruise Director understands the demographics and nationalities of his guests to ensure that the programmes and shows will be received well by the audience and participants. It’s also vital that a Cruise Director is a social person, as they are required to mingle with the guests regularly, occasionally dance the night away and meet new people all of the time.

A typical day in the life of a Cruise Director

No day is the same for a Cruise Director. It all depends on whether or not the ship is at sea, docked in port, or getting ready for a shore excursion. Throughout the day there are usually meetings with the other high ranking officers, as well as with the Director’s teams. A Cruise Director will make announcements over the ship’s public communications system about the events of the day, and will often host many of these events as well. If changes need to be made to the dining options for example, these are usually decided on by the Cruise Director, who is then responsible for implementing and monitoring them. Planning the times and kind of programmes for the guests, who range from teens to pensioners, can be challenging, but is also an integral part of what the Cruise Director does on a daily basis.

A Cruise Director’s day usually ends late in the evening after they have checked up on all of the events, such as the teen’s parties and the activities in the clubs and piano bars. After a long day of giving talks, presenting shows, taking care of staff and administration, the Cruise Director will socialise with guests and do his last rounds of the ship before heading off for a few hours’ sleep before the next big day begins. They are responsible for guest’s safety and comfort, the activities and events on board and on-shore, and are responsible for managing teams of people. Needless to say, it takes a special kind of person to be a Cruise Director.