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5 top sites and hidden treasures to discover in Rome

Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Travel to Rome

Rome is a city where ancient traditions, architecture that are centuries old, and contemporary modernity’s fuse together perfectly to create a living museum with modern flare. Rome is the capital of Italy and is visited by cruisers from the port of Civitavecchia. With its everlasting influence on the modern world, Rome is a fascinating city to visit as you explore the holy Vatican city, the Colosseum, learn more about the gladiators and how they lived, or visit the Trevi Fountain at midnight.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is possibly one of the most famous and most visited landmarks in Rome. It’s possible to take a tour through the building and explore its many corridors and passages, which were built beneath the main arena, and where the wild animals and gladiators were kept. The Colosseum is the largest stadium ever built in Rome and could accommodate up to 50 000 spectators. The last recorded games at the arena were held in the 6th Century. Needless to say, this is definitely a must when you take a cruise to Rome.

Vatican City

The Vatican City is a city-state in the heart of Rome, and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican City is where you will find the popular attractions of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. The city is also famous for its fascinating Roman sculptures and of course Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel.

Walk up Gianicolo Hill

Although not one of the seven official hills of Rome, Gianicolo Hill does provide one of the best view points over the city. You’ll love the vantage point, which is made even more worthy of a visit when the cannons fire at midday to mark the victory for the battle for Rome. The cannons have been fired every day since the battle ended in the 19th century.

Enrol in Gladiator School and experience ancient Rome

A fascinating and fun activity that the whole family can take part in is to enrol in a 2 hour Gladiator training course. Participants will get to train like the gladiators, wear the tunics and sandals and learn more about how the gladiators lived, which should be interesting albeit a little cruel.

Visit the Trevi Fountain at midnight

As with most attractions in Rome, the Trevi Fountain can become extremely busy and can become quite difficult to enjoy peacefully. So why not wait until the crowds have dispersed and you can admire this breath-taking spectacle while taking some beautiful photographs. Although you’ll have to wait until late at night, it will be well worth visiting the Trevi Fountain when you can have it all to yourself, basically!

With these 5 attractions we have only uncovered a hint of what Rome has to offer. While visiting these attractions, you will undoubtedly come across many more exceptional aspects which will make you fall in love with Rome over, and over again. Speak to your Cruises International Consultant today to find out more about including Rome as one of your cruise destinations.