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Travel to Rome
Rome is a city where ancient traditions, architecture that are centuries old, and contemporary modernity’s fuse together perfectly to create a living museum with modern flare. Rome is the capital of Italy and is visited by cruisers from the port of Civitavecchia. With its everlasting influence on the modern world, Rome is a fascinating city to visit as you explore the holy Vatican city, the Colosseum, learn more about the gladiators and how they lived, or visit the Trevi Fountain at midnight. The Colosseum
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VOOM Rivals Wi-Fi on Land and Enables Streaming From All 24 Ships Worldwide
Crystal River Cruises’ first vessel will boast stylish guest suites and public spaces, with amenities and appointments true to line’s luxury legacy
Belize Barrier Reef
Sharing its borders with Mexico in the North, Honduras in the southwest and the bright blue Caribbean Sea in the east, Belize offers an extravagant exhibition of beautiful beaches and fascinating Mayan ruins which are engulfed in lush tropical forests. Belize is most well-known for its ocean activities like scuba diving and fishing, all of which are made even more enticing by the presence of the breath-taking Belize Barrier Reef, the Great Blue Hole and the variety of Cayes in the area. More about the Belize reef
You could say that a Cruise Director is the one who holds it altogether, not the ship or the travel arrangements, but pretty much everything else! They’re the face of the cruise company and the one who is in charge of the guests’ comfort, entertainment, and the ship events, which make a cruise holiday extra special. They even have a hand in passenger safety by running safety drills and briefings. The life of a cruise director is non-stop concentration, beautiful destinations, and meeting people day in and day out. What does a cruise director do
A cruise holiday is a great way to bring the whole family together for special experiences and loads of fun. Bring the children and invite the cousins, aunts, uncles, grans and grandpas, because a cruise holiday was meant for everyone to share together. 1. Special programs for families
The Scandinavian countries generally consist of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but sometimes include Finland as well. The land of the midnight sun experiences an exciting and fascinating natural phenomenon. Not only do certain parts of the countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland experience a full 24 hours of sunlight, but they are ideal places to see the breath-taking Northern Lights during the darker winter periods as well. What are the Northern Lights?