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Celebrity Cruises Meetings & Incentives

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Holding an incentive or meeting with the ocean as your background


What Corporate Guests Look Like on a Celebrity Cruise

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Cruise events for every need. Top choices for Meeting Planners

  • Incentive Trips (pure incentives)
  • Customer Appreciation, Employee Recognition Business Meetings
  • Conventions & Trade Shows
  • Continuing Education, Association Conferences Executive Retreats
  • Consumer Incentives
  • Fund Raisers – Universities, Hospitals & other organizations
  • Full Ship Charters
  • Dockside Charters or Floating Hotels

All of the following and more are included in the price of your Celebrity cruise

  • Luxurious accommodations for the duration of the cruise
  • Gourmet meals included: B/L/D, Snacks & complimentary 24 Hour Room
  • Service (specialty restaurants not included)
  • Standard Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Milk, Poured Water & Juices; Iced Tea and Lemonade
  • Extensive built‐in activities offer variety for participants, spouses, and kids without extra planning or cost
  • Exhilarating daily entertainment options throughout the cruise
  • Complimentary use of the Fitness Center
  • Added value onboard offers for each group guest –shore ex/shop discounts

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Activities & Entertainment Options Built In

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All of the following and more are included in the price of your Celebrity cruise

Page  includedAND no need to pass additional costs on to guests for Room Rental or AV needs

  • Complimentary meeting & function space (no room rental costs & confirmed presale like a hotel
  • Complimentary standard AV equipment onboard (LCD, screens, podium w/microphone, flipchart/easel/markers), confirmed presale as well
  • New destinations & scenery each day (pack and unpack once) State‐of‐the‐art facilities including conference, meeting rooms & fitness center – all with modern AV equipment and top of the line machines
  • An Event Coordinator on every ship, your single point of contact onboard to assist with all your event needs
  • Beautifully decorated venues for a variety of group functions: receptions, award ceremony, meetings and private activities

Activities & Entertainment Options Built In

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Benefits of Using a Cruise vs. Hotel/Resort

  • Benefits of Using a Cruise vs. Hotel/Resort
  • A new and exciting travel experience motivates people to action. Vast majority – 84% never cruised
  • Sharing a new travel adventure enhances camaraderie within an organization
  • Self‐contained environment with variety of function rooms for private events
  • Your captive audience can’t get lost. More likely to attend functions
  • Gorgeous ocean‐view dining rooms, tremendous menu choices, and
  • unlimited servings. (No limitations as with banquet meals and choice)
  • Highly personalized service, traditional aboard ship, nourishes egos of participants more than other types of travel.

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Benefits of Using a Cruise vs. Hotel/Resort

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  • New destinations and scenery each day. Pack and unpack once
  • Virtually all‐inclusive pricing provides better budget control
  • Combines the pleasures of a resort hotel with the adventure of foreign travel
  • Built‐in activities offer variety for participants, spouses, and kids without extra planning or cost
  • Perceived as having a high value by attendees, while costing less overall than a comparable land‐based program
  • Greater than 90% approval rating from all guests

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Survey Results: “What Excited Meeting Planners the Most”

  • Even though their winners visited high-end hotel/resort properties in the past, a cruise was so much newer and more exciting
  • The overall cost savings vs. land, ranged from 30 – 50% savings
  • Dining & entertainment, usually the biggest challenges for time/cost, are taken care
  • A great value - all inclusive, pay all in advance, complete budget control with no hidden costs or cost plus
  • A ship’s self-contained environment means less outside distractions
  • Destination variety – domestic & international & convenient embarkation ports
  • Guaranteed cruise pricing no matter where in the world – no currency fluctuations since all onboard is in US dollars
  • Days at sea provide the perfect opportunity for meetings, training and corporate brain-storming
  • Theatrical elements onboard such as hydraulic lifts, rotating stages, video screens and sophisticated lighting/sound equipment in multi-tiered show lounges add dynamic impact presentations and award ceremonies
  • Variety of customization options costing much less than land programs (DJ/bands, restaurant buy-outs, spa treatments, group shore excursions)

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  • Cruising fosters greater camaraderie & building of new relationships better than land programs
  • Multi-purpose lounges are ideal for receptions, featuring built-in décor and sound systems
  • A cruise offers multi-generational appeal & is a great choice for family programs as well
  • State-of-the-art, fully dedicated meeting space can accommodate theater, classroom & boardroom style set-ups


Meetings & Conferences at Sea

Main Theater

  • Can accommodate up to 1,350 guests complete with built in staging, hi-tech sound and lighting systems
  • Great for large General Sessions & Awards Ceremonies

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  • Dedicated Conference Center Complimentary meeting & function space Complimentary standard A/V onboard
  • State-of-the-art-multimedia
  • Confirmed pre-sale like a hotel

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A National Sales Meeting Onboard

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Customization Options

  • Private Cocktail Parties
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Turndown and Stateroom Gift Deliveries
  • Team Building Events (Beach Olympics & Scavenger Hunts)
  • Private group sessions - Wine & Food Pairing, Karaoke, etc.
  • Custom Ice Carvings
  • Logos on Desserts, Menus and Daily Activity Program
  • Officer Q & A Sessions
  • Private Galley Tours
  • Onboard Credit
  • All Inclusive Beverage Packages
  • Sports Tournaments, Lawn Events (Pool Volleyball; Bocce Ball)
  • Personalized Door Plaques
  • Specialty Dining or Restaurant Buy-outs
  • Team building activities offshore:
    • Kayaking, sailing, golf, duty free shopping tours, etc.
  • Group Photos
  • Your Ideas

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When a 7 Night cruise may be a better option

  • No additional time out of the office – Typically, 4 night cruises sail from Monday to Friday, while 5 night itineraries depart on Monday and return on Saturday
  • There’s more time to meet, brainstorm, bond with colleagues, relax, and explore
  • The perfect blend of port days and days at sea to meet client’s program objectives. Your meeting attendees will appreciate the mix of business and pleasure
  • Wider variety of itineraries and destinations – On a 7 night cruise, your choice of destinations is unlimited
  • Better choice of ships – Add a few more nights and you have your choice of premium, deluxe, yacht‐cruises, and sailing vessels
  • Longer cruises mean greater motivation – The possibility of a 7‐night all‐inclusive voyage to an exotic destination is a lot more motivating than a shorter cruise with a less enticing itinerary


Most Common Objections & Response

  • You don’t have a cruise when we want to have our event
    • Can you be flexible to get affordability & an incredible venue option?
  • We did a cruise last year (different property & city)
    • Hotel in Vegas one year, Hotel in Miami next year
    • Why not Cruise on W. Caribbean 1 year, and next E. Caribbean or Alaska?
  • Want our awards presentation when you have a show in the theatre
    • Reverse the night, awards late afternoon in theatre, then cocktails & dinner
  • A cruise isn’t a big enough incentive
    • This is something few have done ,so a great carrot
      • 84% of the U.S. population has yet to cruise
      • < 5% of companies have used a cruise for an incentive/meeting
  • We have never cruised and don’t know what to expect
    • ​Our sailing & non‐sailing site inspections, & perishable inventory relieve this concern


Restaurant Offerings

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Tax Question

Since cruise programs, without benefit of the tax deduction, usually cost less than a comparable resort program – even after the land‐based tax deduction benefit is factored in – cruising is the best choice.

We find that most cruises save at least 30% not only in dollar costs, but also in labor costs. For a cruise, there is less time needed to plan dining and entertainment choices – there are many options of both on a ship and are included in the room cost.


Most Common Objections & Response

  • Your cruises are more expensive than others
    • Depends on the atmosphere, service, amenities and overall atmosphere desired (mass market cruise line, mass market hotel or premium product?)
    • General public creates our pricing – love the brand
    • All premium brands deserve a premium
  • What do you do at night, we don’t want to be bored
    • A lot more than a hotel or resort and often included in the price; no need for evening entertainment planning & something for everyone, including kids
  • My spouse doesn’t like cruising
    • Have they tried it on a premium brand or just contemporary?
    • Use perishable inventory to test and site inspection programs (sailing & non
  • We need turn down gift options
    • Take advantage of ours or you can bring your own!

Celebrity Cruises Business Solutions

  • Group Cruises: Min. 8 staterooms up to 1⁄2 ship large group 4 Nt, 5 Nt and 7 Nt cruises and longer – Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda & Caribbean (Eastern, Western, Southern)
  • Full Ship Charters: Ships ranging from 90 guests; 2,038 – 2,170 guests & 2,850 – 3046 guests (based on double occupancy)
  • Gift Certificates for awarding & motivating individually:
    • Full Cruise – once purchased a “Cruise for Two”
    • No fulfillment needed on your part; recipient calls Celebrity to book
    • Certificates never expire – You may award anytime; recipient may use at any time
    • 6 Certificate Levels – 14 price points to fit any budget; minimal blackouts o Pricing valid for a year, June 1 – June 1

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Individual Reward Offerings

Full Cruise Paper $$ Plastic $$
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On Board Discounts for Guests

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5% Discount on Shore Excursions

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Cruise Ship Landscape

Celebrity Cruises “The World’s Top Rated Premium Brand”

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Defined by Celebrity Cruises



Because Celebrity believes
every moment of your incentive, meeting or full
ship charter should be measured by just how far it takes you from the ordinary



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Celebrity Cruises for your next meeting or incentive trip


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